New Marketing Product!!

Revealing of my New Marketing Product

I’m so happy to announce that after hours and hours(lots of hours!) of work I now have a new marketing product. My postcard sized ‘flyers’ have arrived!  Many thanks to Jarel Culley of JCDesigns for all your efforts on this project. You do great work!

There are four unique fronts that all share the same back. It was very hard to narrow my work down and choose just four photos for the fronts and a single image for the back, but I think I’ve selected a nice array to showcase my talent and service/product.


Two of the images show off my Bouquet work.

Flowers by Rebekah - Peony Bouquet Postcard


Flowers by Rebekah - Mini Calla Bouquet Postcard

One focuses on Tablescapes and the effect floral arrangements I create have on the overal look of an event.

Flowers by Rebekah - Blue Tablescape

And the fourth ‘flyer’ highlights detailed accents that can be added to any arrangement to really give it some extra personality and pizazz.

Flowers by Rebekah - Detailed Postcard

And here’s the back:

Flowers by Rebekah - Postcard Back

I’m excited to start using these. It’s time to pass them out!

If you know of any local caterers, venues, businesses, etc that are in need of a florist for events – please contact me. I’d love an introduction!


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