My Big Brother Gets Married!

I have 2 older brothers.

Brooklyn New York Wedding - Flowers by Rebekah

The first wedding I ever did was for the younger of the 2, Tim.

Rohnert Park Wedding - Double Tree Hotel Wedding

I remember being excited and nervous to make the flowers for his wedding. Well, 7 years have passed. I’ve done a lot of weddings since then, but I was waiting for the day my oldest ‘big’ brother would get married. I hoped I would get to make the floral arrangements for his wedding too.

When you look up to your brother the way I do, the thought enters your head….Who is good enough to marry my brother? Christina!That’s who. I still remember the Sunday afternoon in April that Justin blew up my phone with texts and missed calls to tell me he proposed to his girlfriend.

Brooklyn Wedding - Flowers by Rebekah



This past august, I had the privilege of making the flower arrangements for Justin’s wedding. I wanted everything to be jussssssst right. That meant making sure my soon to be sister-in-law would be happy, because trust me… that’s all Justin wants… Christina to be the happiest lady possible.
So my challenge – design and arrange flowers for a bride I’d only met once and would  soon be related to. A few other details I should tell you about this wedding: 1)The bride once worked in a floral shop and knows a thing or two about flowers. 2)I live in California and the wedding was in New York. I needed to get my product while many miles away from my vendors. 3)The couple are full-time unpaid volunteers at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses… thus they had a fixed budget. It took some effort and extra planning but with the help of my favorite floral vendor, Neve Bros, it all turned out great and without a hiccup. Check out the results!


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Rebekah Laker —

Hi Rebekah. .. I’ve just discovered your blog and instagram acc… wow what an inspiration!! I too am a sister, living in herne bay, kent, uk. And Ive been doing some freelance wedding floristry for about 5 years now.. mainly for local bros & sis or work colleagues. I have the privilege of doing the flowers for our kingdom hall this yr. Im a nurse with two young sons, but my dream is one day… (prob in the new world!) to spend my days creating stunning bouquets and displays- like you do! In the meantime do you mind if I follow along your blog and IG? Kindest christian love from england… beks xxx

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    Flowers by Rebekah —

    Hi Rebekah! Thanks for leaving a Comment. I’m sure you do Beautiful work. Email me at info@flowersbyrebekah or send me direct pic through InstaGram so i know what your handle is. I would love to see some of your floral work. I made our memorial floral arrangements this year too. =) Please do follow my blog and IG account!!

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