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Fort Bragg Wedding

I love a beautiful ocean wedding. I’m not sure of many people who don’t. It might not be what they would want for themselves though. Personally I’ve never felt like a beach wedding was for me, but after this wedding from last season, I could be persuaded into a Fort Bragg Wedding. When I think of a beach wedding some of the thoughts that come to mind are: sand in between my toes, wind swept hair,  and cool ocean breeze. If you think about it though, each of these things could be thought of as a positive or a negative. A bride with a long veil might hate the idea of an ocean breeze – while a bride with long loose curls and a flowy dress may be planning on that same ocean breeze to provide the look of movement in her pictures. Either way, the ocean is beautiful and weddings are a lovely event to have take place there. A nice compromise to a typical beach wedding, in my opinion, would be a  wedding – on the bluffs. You still get the beautiful views, the ocean breeze, but with out the sand in your shoes or worrying about getting swept away by an unexpectedly high tide. Apparently it’s quite common in Fort Bragg to have weddings and other events on the bluffs. A company comes in and turns an ordinary looking field into a gorgeously tented and fabric draped area ideal for any party or function. The pictures I’m about to share were taken by Emily Matheson. The happily married couple provided me with a few shots that showcase the flowers so that I could share with all you wonderful people!

Fort Bragg Wedding

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Bouquet | Wedding Party

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Bouquet | Bride and Groom

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Bouquet4

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Bouquet | Bridal Party

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Bouquet | Bride and Groom2

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Bouquet6

Fort Bragg Wedding | Burlap Lace Brooch Bouquet

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Bouquet1


Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Bouquet7

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Cake

Fort Bragg Wedding | Peony Centerpiece

Fort Bragg Wedding | Wedding Pies




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