A Family Full of Referrals.

About 6 months ago, I received a call from Linda. Her older sister, Anabel, was getting married and she was helping find the vendors for the wedding. Although I know these girls, I haven’t spent any time with them for about 5 years. So why would they think to call me rather than another local florist? I like to think it’s because I did such a good job on their uncle’s wedding flowers back in 2008 and then their cousin’s wedding flowers in 2009.  : )

Working with brides within the same family or circle of friends is always great. They know that I’ll deliver a high quality product and since I already have their trust, we can move right along to the details of their wedding. Let the planning begin!

After an initial consultation with the bride and her sister, I had an idea of what Anabel wanted her wedding day to look like. To get a better understanding of the layout and to make sure Anabel hadn’t overlooked anything, I was invited to go with her and Angel(the groom) to the venue.  The view was stunning. We couldn’t stay long though because the bride and groom had their engagement photo shoot immediately after and look how adorable they are!

Vineyard Engagement

Sonoma County Engagement


Sonoma County Engagement

I thought everything was finalized and good to go but a few weeks before the wedding Anabel emailed me saying that the location had been switched and we were going to need to make some adjustments to the order. No problem! Plans change sometimes and it’s my job to make sure that the flowers look pretty no matter what.

Now I know this look isn’t for everyone, but it turned out just the way Anabel had envisioned. This was her take on a ‘Black and White Wedding’….

White & Black Wedding - Richmond Wedding

White & Black Wedding - Richmond Wedding


White & Black Wedding - Richmond Wedding

All White Bridal Party

Who will be the next referral from this family? Will it be the brother or sister? Maybe another cousin? Could it possibly jump over to the groom’s side? I’m not sure. I’ll just have to wait and see!

To see other pictures from this wedding – check out Angel and Anabel’s Portfolio Gallery.


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